Kinesiology is based on traditional Chinese 5 Element Theory, in which every meridian has a corresponding organ and a corresponding muscle which is related to specific emotions. Using many different tools and techniques, we assist your body to be balanced in relation to the “triad of health”: Mental/Emotional health; Physical/Structural Health; and Personal Ecology/Chemical.

Jennifer specialises in assisting people experiencing physical pain, structural issues or injury, those living with emotional issues such as trauma, PTSD or grief, chronic illness, adrenal stress and digestive issues. Physical issues and pain can result from emotional stress and trauma. By utilising her many skills and techniques she can drill down to the root cause and can assist the body to release the tension and stress resulting in calm, peace and comfort.

During a kinesiology session, Jennifer uses her skills and knowledge to calm and quiet the mind as she supports the body in relation to the past trauma. She works in collaboration with life coaches enlisting her kinesiology skills for their clients to assist with clearing sabotaging behaviors and blockages so that they are more easily available on all levels to achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

For structural issues in the body, she can expertly test, correct, sedate or tonify most every muscle in the body to release the experienced pain. She also enjoys settling digestive issues by working with your personal ecology to balance the ecosystem in the digestive tract and the overall body, offering nutritional support if necessary.

Jennifer can assist to…

  • Release deep trauma
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Clear sabotaging behaviours
  • Increase productivity
  • Promote peace of mind
  • Release pain
  • Work with structural issues
  • Promote peace of mind
  • Improve sleep
  • Assist with skin and food sensitivities
  • Assist with symptoms of some Autoimmune issues
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