Osteopaths focus on your neuro-musculoskeletal system – the bones, muscles, nerves and other tissues that support your body and control its movements. They know how parts of your body should work together and the impact if they do not.


Osteopaths are trained to provide:


Musculoskeletal and nervous system assessments – they use a range of tools to identify what might be happening in the body.

Manual therapy –includes a range of ‘hands-on’ techniques such as massage, acupressure, active and passive Streching that may give relief from musculoskeletal pain

Clinical exercise programs – activities and movement strategies for use at home, work or in other settings. Exercise may help you return to activities you enjoy, for example after an injury or surgery.

Movement, postural, positioning advice and ergonomic assessments.

Advice about your lifestyle, stress managment, diet or other factors that may influence your pain, injury or movement.

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